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QUESTION: Is It OKAY For Hillary To Make A Blatantly RACIST Joke?


Do you think it’s cool for Hillary to make an awkward and racist joke in public the way she did? Or do you think there is a double standard?

The comedy sketch, which took place at the annual Inner Circle dinner on Saturday night, involved Clinton chastising de Blasio for taking too long to endorse her. He claimed that he was just running on “C.P. Time,” short for “colored people time.” In response to groans from the crowd, Clinton translated his comment instead as the innocuous “cautious politician time.”

“Oh, I get it,” The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah said Tuesday night. “You see, the joke is Bill de Blasio saying he’s late like black people always are and Hillary saying she doesn’t want to be president.”

“Why would you do this, Hillary?” Noah demanded. “This should be so easy. Just don’t say the things that will lose you the votes.” Especially since Clinton is “in the midst of a controversy” surrounded her past use of the term “superpredators” to describe black youth, the host said she would probably be better off refraining from race-based humor. “That’s like if the governor of Michigan was going around Flint telling water jokes,” he said.

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