WATCH: ISIS Fighters FREAK OUT When These Bad @ss ISIS-Killers Catch Them

Written by Doug Giles on April 13, 2016

Here’s your feel good video for the day. Watch as these ISIS fighters lose their minds when they are caught by some serious ISIS killers.

Recently a YPG unit in northern Syria captured an Islamic State group squad coming across the border fromTurkey to attack them, with the aftermath of the event filmed and posted online.

The video (which contains English subtitles, press the ‘CC’ button) shows that the purportedly fearsome and fearless terrorist army is really composed of a bunch of crying babies that plead for their lives when on the other end of an AK-47 barrel.

Crying loudly, the men claim they have done nothing wrong and don’t deserve to die, and beg to be released so they may go home to their mothers, never to return again.


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