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Three Thugs Try Robbing 80 Year Old Man…They NEVER Expected What He PULLED Out

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This did not turn out well for these thugs. They thought they would get away with robbing an elderly man — until he took something out that left one dead, one hospitalized, and one in custody. This is exactly why you should never let ANY politician come between you and your right to bear arms and defend your own life. Check this out…

One man is dead, another hospitalized and a woman is in custody following a home invasion early Tuesday morning.

Fairmont Police said an 80-year-old man shot both male suspects when they tried to rob him.

There are mixed emotions about the incident from those who live nearby. Some say they are fearful while others say they are not surprised.

“You gotta stay on your toes around here or you’ll end up hurt,” one neighbor said.

For one resident, Tuesday morning’s incident on the 700 block of Gaston Avenue was the last straw. He told 12 News he and his wife plan to move out of the area.

Another neighbor, though, said he is not surprised this happened.

“It’s nothing new. As far as break-ins go, it happens a lot. But this time, someone walked into the wrong house,” said Alfred Bolling, a neighbor who lives on the same block where the home invasion occurred.

Fairmont Police said an 80-year-old man opened his door to 23-year-old Whitney Kabiru asking to use his phone. Police said that is when she, along with 28-year-old Larry Shaver and 28-year-old John Grossklaus, attempted to rob the man. Police said the suspects flashed a realistic-looking BB gun, and the elderly man then shot both male suspects, killing Shaver and injuring Grossklaus.

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