WATCH: Obama Is Fuming After This UK Reporter REALLY Puts Him Back In His Place

Written by Doug Giles on April 22, 2016

A BBC reporter was not happy with Obama in a press conference after he traveled to London to support David Cameron in his efforts to stop the UK from exiting the European Union.

Check out what she asked him below:

“Thank you, Mr. President. You’ve made your views very plain on the fact that British voters should choose to stay in the E.U. But in the interest of good friends always being honest, are you also saying that our decades-old special relationship, that’s been through so much, would be fundamentally damaged and changed by our exit? If so, how? And are you also, do you have any sympathy with people who think this is none of your business?”

Do you think she put Obama in his place? Or was she being disrespectful?

You can watch the question below:

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