Trump CRUSHES Cruz and Kasich in FIVE State Sweep — Is It OVER? [See The HARD NUMBERS]

Published on April 27, 2016

Is it over for Cruz and Kasich after Trump’s massive sweep last night? Trump pulled off a huge victory that might lead him straight to the nomination. Check this out…

Donald Trump said the Republican party’s presidential nomination is his to lose after he scored five crushing victories out of five over his two remaining rivals in primary elections last night.

‘I consider myself the presumptive nominee, absolutely … I think everybody does,’ the longtime front-runner said during a press conference inside his gleaming namesake Trump Tower in New York City.

In Connecticut, Trump more than doubled up Ohio Governor John Kasich by a 57.7 per cent to 28.5 per cent margin, leaving Texas Senator Ted Cruz a distant third with less than 12 per cent of the vote.

That overwhelming margin, nearly on a par with his performance a week ago in his native New York, won Trump a sweep of Connecticut’s 28 delegates.

In Rhode Island it was 64 per cent for Trump, 24 per cent for Kasich and just 10 per cent for Cruz.

Delaware was another landslide: Trump won with 61 per cent, compared with 20 per cent for Kasich and less than 16 for Cruz. Maryland’s totals read 54 per cent for Trump, 23 per cent for Kasich and 19 per cent for Cruz.

Pennsylvania was the only state where Cruz took second place. Trump beat him 56.7 per cent to 21.6 per cent, with Kasich at 19.3 per cent.

That makes it mathematically impossible for Cruz to secure a majority of delegates at the convention, the Gateway Pundit reported – although Trump has also still to do so, meaning a contested convention remains possible.

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According to Gateway Pundit, it would now be mathematically impossible for Cruz to get the delegates that he needs to secure the nomination:

Ted Cruz finished third in Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware and Rhode Island.

There are fewer delegates remaining than we originally projected because the delegates in Wyoming, Colorado and North Dakota were allocated in shady voter-less elections after April 2nd.

After tonight’s primaries Cruz has — 560 delegates after winning one delegate Tuesday.

Cruz needs 677 delegates to reach 1,237 delegates.

There are only 622 available.

It’s over.


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