You Will Laugh Out LOUD When You See Which ABC Show Is Fundraising for Hillary — IRONY

Published on April 27, 2016

Is Hillary just laughing in the faces of Americans with this move? Check out who is happily fundraising for Hillary, the middle of her Email-gate scandal. Is this ironic or intentional?

The cast of Scandal, including President Fitzgerald Grant, will host a fundraiser with Hillary Clinton in DC next week, and it will feature the cast of Hillary Clinton’s own top scandal: her Chappaqua bathroom email server.

According to Variety, the fundraiser will take place next Wednesday, and tickets range from $250 for a single attendee to $1,000 for a “friend.” If Hillary’s bundlers wrangle more than $5,000 in donations for the event, they are designated as “co-hosts” and get to attend a special meet and greet with the Scandal cast.

It’s not unusual for Shonda Rhimes, Scandal‘s creator, to be raising money for a Democratic candidate. She’s starred in Clinton campaign ads, she’s raised plenty of money for Democrats, and she even invited Clinton to spend a day on the set of Scandal in February.

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What is unusual, is that the self-indulgent Clinton campaign failed to recognize the implications of having their scandal-ridden aides appear alongside Scandal stars. Huma Abedin and Jake Sullivan are the two highest-placed Clinton aides connected to her email scandal.

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