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Unproductive Politicians Continue to Do NOTHING About America’s Reckless Immigration Laws

As though America needed another murderous reminder that prudence frowns on nations which flood themselves with throngs of hostile outsiders and their deleterious ideologies: We get the recent Brussel’s carnage (thirty-two killed/over 300 hurt); before that, San Bernardino’s terror attack (14 fatalities/22 injured); and Paris mere weeks preceding that one (130 slaughtered/368 wounded.) I understand, Belgium’s latest Muslim malefactors were reportedly citizens of that country — but plainly their hearts had been captured by alien and barbaric passions rooted in a radical religion currently sweeping vast swathes of the Middle East, Africa, Asia; and one that is impudently boasting of ultimately breaking the remainder of the world to its jihadist saddle.

Then, on the home-front, comes compelling testimony cluing in the American populace that, contrary to the widely propagated Leftist patter, the illegal immigration crisis is not serenely fizzling away on its own.

Testifying before a House committee, National Border Patrol Labor Council President Brandon Judd charged Barack Obama, calculatedly, “has manipulated the data, had agents assigned to low traffic areas, and attempted to quiet dissent by calling those who question his approach as misinformed”. Judd disclosed he’s witnessed U.S. Customs and Border Patrol officials “fudging” figures, low-balling the number of “got-aways”, i.e., border-violators who successfully evade arrest.

His appearance kicked-off with an unvarnished refutation of the administration, which crows, “the border is more secure today than it ever has been.” “As a Border Patrol Agent,” Judd countered, “I will tell you the exact opposite.”

Meantime, concerning “unaccompanied minors” sneaking into the southern US., Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) sounds this alarm: “I think we’re beyond crisis proportions here.” Since the beginning of 2016’s fiscal year, Homeland Security has apprehended more than 20,000 young border-jumpers. “I think we’re running ahead of 2014 levels from the numbers I’m getting,” he added.

According to figures released by Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu, illegal immigrant traffic in 2016’s first four (fiscal) months is up 25 percent over 2015’s tally — with a 102 percent spike in unaccompanied juveniles. If this annum’s pace continues, estimates are those minors attempting to lawlessly cross into the nation will exceed 2015’s numbers significantly; they could even overtake 2014’s record-breaking total.

One other deepening concern: a boom in individuals hailing from regions linked to international terrorism who are trying to take advantage of our leaky border. Those apprehended from jihadist-ripe countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Albania, Bangladesh and China? Stats are up.

Judd reported a recent breach along an unmanned,10-mile stretch of perimeter, ““Criminal cartels were able to … cut a hole in the fence, drive two vehicles through that hole and escape … [W]e don’t know what was in those vehicles … [or] where they were from.”

Follow the formula: bloody-minded Islamic bad guys + operationally open borders = trouble for America.

For decades, sizable patches of Europe have heaved wide the gates to multitudes and their cultural preferences which are at stark odds with the best of Western values; those values which built their civilization. No matter how that arrangement is finessed, it can’t turn out well — as, we presently see, it is not. The result? A demented, self-immolating harvest of chaos, lawlessness and multi-culti discord.

The United States, meanwhile? It’s being offered an invaluable heads-up: the advantage of viewing what’s happening on the other side of the Atlantic; what could happen right here. That forewarning, though, doesn’t seem to be sinking in.

Fox News contributor and Democrat Kirsten Powers has blandly dismissed the “unaccompanied minors” worry
with the flippancy that, over time, the matter is quietly resolving itself. In the past, her FNC colleague Geraldo Rivera has affected a comparably breezy attitude when confronted with security concerns involving Muslim extremists potentially trespassing the Mexico/US boundary: “There’s no evidence that’s happened,” he’s sniffed. It’s with eye-rolling platitudes that Leftists ritually meet any unease articulated about our southern perimeter: C’mon, it’s really no big deal.

As demonstrated above, the facts, grimly and persuasively, indicate otherwise.

Many conservative sectors are issuing gales of stormy talk about building a border wall and finger-jabbing assurances of more “boots on the ground”, “fixed wing aircraft” patrols, beefed up e-verify, deportations, etc. (great ideas). This all batters up against the other side’s windy jabber about “comprehensive immigration
reform” (i.e., rewarding immigration law flouters); followed by fidgety changing of the subject.

Sometimes progressive smart-alecks unspool their arsenal of sterile (and dubious) statistics: “Undocumented workers pay more into society than they take out!”; “Only (fill-in-the-blank)% of crime is perpetrated by illegal aliens”, yada-yada. Even if accurate — and color me skeptical — that’s small consolation for those forced to endure the consequences of America’s malfeasant, Swiss-cheese-border status-quo.

Think: Kate Steinle, the thirty-two-year-old women gunned down on San Francisco’s Pier 14 by a Mexican illegal alien. Think the Framingham, MA couple assaulted (she, raped) by a diabolical quartet of Guatemalan nationals not authorized to be here. Review Victor Davis Hanson’s disturbing account of on-the-ground realities of life in an enforcement-free nihilism zone.

It’s intolerable America’s still required to squabble with fantasist liberals and egg-head libertarians over the legitimacy of policing our own borders. Please, oh, please, Enlightened Ones, is it okay for us to determine who does/doesn’t enter our territory? Absurd that residents of the Republic are reduced to sitting around, waiting, hoping this border cloddishness doesn’t come back to bite us catastrophically.

Whatever the worthiness of open-border theoreticians’ number-crunching and Jesuitical maunderings, this indisputable, common-sense nugget remains: Ms. Steinle would still be alive; the Framingham atrocity? Wouldn’t have transpired; Hanson’s and his neighbors’ unpleasant experience would be markedly more sanguine — if the nations’ border protection had been pursued consistently and aggressively.

Even so, procrastination and wishful thinking largely prevail on this front; human nature, regrettably, is having its way. On one side, persons abroad who want to set foot in the USA are intent on doing so — with or without any legal by-your-leave. Meanwhile, multitudes stateside make it easier for them by opting not to think about it. And by mulishly refusing to embrace the lessons of Brussels, or San Bernardino, or Paris, or …

Image: International Workers Day march in Minneapolis via photopin (license)

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Steve Pauwels

Steve Pauwels is pastor of Church of the King, Londonderry, NH and host of Striker Radio with Steve Pauwels on the Red State Talk Radio Network. He's also husband to the lovely Maureen and proud father of three fine sons: Mike, Sam and Jake.

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