YO, NUTTY TRUMP PROTESTERS: Here Are The Volunteers You’ll Meet At A Trump Rally

Published on April 26, 2016

Trump protesters are definitely going to think twice before disrupting the peace when they see the new volunteers at his rallies. Do you think this is exactly what Trump needs to keep out the disrupters and protect his supporters?

It was Friday night and Chris Cox was sitting at the No Name Saloon in Edgewater, Florida, planning a pro-Trump rally during Daytona Bike Week, when he looked up at the television in the bar. Protesters were clashing with Donald Trump’s supporters inside a packed Chicago arena, forcing the campaign to cancel the event and urge everyone to leave “in peace.”

“The TV comes on and there’s chaos and mayhem in Chicago and all we could do is shake our heads,” said Cox. “At that moment we couldn’t really see our role. We were in shock. But over the next couple days we heard cries from our other members. ‘Can you come to this rally? Can you come to that rally?’”

Cox decided that his 30,000-member group, “Bikers for Trump,” would no longer be just a support organization focused primarily on holding independent rallies for the Republican front-runner. It would transform into a volunteer security force, patrolling Trump’s events to identify protesters for paid security and police, forming barriers to protect Trump supporters, and playing backup to the cops as they removed unwanted attendees from the campaign’s rallies.

Within days, his bikers were working crowds at Trump events nationwide. And by last week, at a rally inside the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex, Cox’s men were assuming functions typically reserved for paid security and police – patrolling the dirt floor of the arena, snatching and tearing protesters’ signs and following close behind law enforcement officials as they dragged protesters from the arena, ready to lend a hand.

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