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AWESOME: Famous “Saluting Marine” SHOCKS Trump During Bike Rally

This Marine shocked Trump — and everyone else — when he decided to do something amazing during the Rolling Thunder bike ride in Washington D.C. Do you think that this is awesome?

During every Rolling Thunder run in Washington D.C. for four hours a lone Marine stands in the road and salutes as the veterans and bikers pass by.

This year, though, the ‘Saluting Marine’ had company – his new bride.

Staff Sergeant Tim Chambers married his bride Lorraine Heist during Sunday’s Rolling Thunder ceremony, which honors servicemen and women who have gone missing in action or who have become prisoners of war.

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Chambers has stood as the Saluting Marine on Memorial Day weekend since 2002.

After the nuptials, Chambers and Heist toasted to the crowd with cans of Budweiser.

Heist stood with Chambers on a median in the road as bikers passed on either side of them.

Chambers stood in silent attention in his Marines dress uniform and Heist looked forward with her hand on her hip in a white wedding dress.

GOP presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump spoke before the wedding and before Rolling Thunder at the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool to recommit himself to veterans.

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