THIS Country Is Now a LIVING HELL Thanks to Socialism — Can You Feel the BERN Yet?

Written by Wes Walker on May 25, 2016

Trickle-down economics.

The phrase can only mean one thing, right? That’s Reagan’s economic plan. Trickle-down Reaganomics.

The way language is being used this cycle, there is another trickle-down economics, but not in the Reagan model. Far from it.

Reagan’s model reversed the stagflation of the 1970s, removed the shackles from the economy and put people back to work. It was in this environment that the personal computer was on the rise, and that there was a generally optimistic economic outlook.

It set the stage for the Internet Age, and the Smartphone. Enormous wealth was generated, in those days, wealth which didn’t previously exist, and was literally forged out of silicon.

These advances, in turn, led to new discoveries in various scientific fields, including medicine. With greater national wealth, there was more money for R&D. New treatment options opened up. New diagnostic equipment created. Even foreign nations benefited from American wealth and ingenuity.

When political parasites see opportunities to exchange wealth for power (or back again) the system bogs down into Cronyism. If you see career politicians from humble beginnings retiring with seven-figure incomes, Cronyism may not be far behind. Cronyism is what lets big businesses use Red Tape to maintain a lucrative monopoly without having to do the hard work of innovating to stay ahead of competitors. (Why should they bother taking time and effort to evolve if you can get politicians to choke out the startups?)

There is a breed of politician who, unable to differentiate between the second group, calls them all “Capitalism”. After he has named his enemy, he seeks to destroy it in the name of justice.

All well and good to shatter the nepotism and power-brokering that profits political insiders. But he won’t stop there. He will embrace full-on Socialism. He will (and has) praised such political miracles such as Venezuela. Why Venezuela? Because “the rich” were made to pay, and the benefits of that wealth were spread to those with their hands out.

Of course, along the way, Hugo Chavez (and his family), and his bus driver successor have become the wealthiest people in Venezuela. Because they worked hard? No, because they exploited their position.

Glenn Reynolds said it this way: “In Capitalism, the rich become powerful. In Socialism, the powerful become rich.”

The “Feel the Bern” crowd have embraced a different kind of “trickle down economics”. They think the general public should be direct recipients of the wealth and success of others. They call this Progressive, as though this were moving toward something new.

Venezuela was, just a few short years ago, being hailed by Leftists as an economic Miracle. A triumph, in which the only thing imploding were poverty. (A quick summary of their praise of Venezuela here.)

Well, here we are in 2016. And now, Venezuela is the only OPEC country in which even the military is looting for food. How does an OPEC nation become so impoverished that they find themselves in the same category of starvation as North Korea?

Easy: They embraced Socialism.

They “ate the rich” and now the people are starving. Actually starving. They are eating dogs, because there is nothing else. No meat. No veggies. No flour.

Have you seen the heart-rending stories where cancer treatment is being sold on the black market, and Venezuelans? Have you seen the BBC footage of their hospitals? If someone comes with a cardiac arrest, they die. We have nothing to treat them. Even their defibrillators do not work. Their supplies drawers are not low… they are legitimately empty. Everything is gone.

This is the health care that was touted by people like Michael Moore. Because “Free Health Care” is the fix-all solution, right?

Even three years ago — when pundits on the Left were still rubbing their hands with excitement at the economic miracle — there were warning signs. Back then, Newsmax reported that 300 cancer patients were sent home because they lacked the needed supplies. And simple illnesses were proving fatal due to supply shortages. They also warned that 9 of every 10 hospitals have only 7% of the needed supplies.

Even then, transplants were already suspended.

Here’s your Socialist Utopia.

Feel that Bern, everyone!

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