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FINALLY: Kasich To SUSPEND His Campaign

John Kasich is finally making a big announcement that he should have made immediately after the first GOP debate and early on in this primary. Are you supportive of his decision?

Ohio Gov. John Kasich will suspend his presidential campaign on Wednesday, a senior campaign adviser tells NBC News.

Kasich cancelled a press conference in Virginia earlier in the day and announced he would make a statement in Columbus, Ohio, Thursday afternoon.

The decision comes one day after Kasich finished a distant third in the Indiana primary. Top campaign aides vowed that the governor would stay in the race, even after Ted Cruz, who formed an informal alliance with Kasich, suspended his campaign.

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Here’s what Trump had to say about Kasich last night in Indiana…

Donald Trump used his victory speech to declare himself the GOP’s presumptive nominee, mocking John Kasich who remains in the race despite Ted Cruz bowing out.

While Trump praised Cruz as ‘a tough, smart competitor’ after his win in Indiana on Wednesday, he completely dismissed Kasich as a rival.

The Texas senator’s departure leaves the low-polling Ohio governor as Trump’s only challenger, but the billionaire dismissed Kasich saying the party is ‘down to one’ remaining candidate.

‘I want to thank and congratulate the Republican National Committee and [chairman] Reince Priebus, who I just spoke to,’ Trump said in his speech after Cruz conceded.

‘He’s doing a tremendous job. It’s not an easy job when he had 17 egos and now I guess he’s down to one.

‘I don’t know, is there a second? Is there a second? I don’t know. I’m going to have to ask you folks to explain the status of that.’

It is now a virtual certainty that Trump will go head to head in a general election matchup with the likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

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