This European Leader, Who’s Nation Is OVERRUN With Muslims, Calls Trump STUPID For…

This European leader is refusing to back down from comments that labeled Donald Trump as ‘divisive, stupid, and wrong.’ Even though the UK has seen a huge rise in the Muslim population, along with their share of terror attacks, he still stands by his words directed as Donald Trump.

David Cameron has ‘no intention of withdrawing’ his angry blast that Donald Trump was ‘divisive, stupid and wrong’ to suggest banning Muslims from entering the US.

The Prime Minister was today urged by a senior aide of Mr Trump to make an apology and extend an invitation to visit Britain after the billionaire tycoon seized the Republican nomination for the White House.

But No 10 sources said Mr Cameron stood by his remarks that Mr Trump was ‘divisive, stupid and wrong’, made to the House of Commons last year after the Republican politician made incendiary claims about Muslims entering the US and the threat of terrorism in London.

The source said: ‘The Prime Minister has no intention of withdrawing his comments which were made in response to comments made by Donald Trump about banning Muslims from entering the United States.’

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