DEAR AMERICA: Who VALUES Our Fallen Soldiers More … Trump Or Hillary?

Published on May 29, 2016

Who do you think values our fallen soldiers more — Hillary or Trump? This might not be a very hard question for some of you to answer. If it is, just look below for all you need to know about both of them.

It looks like Donald Trump is already receiving overwhelming support from members of our military. Check this out…

Even with high-ranking military officials and Republicans sounding the alarm that Trump would be unfit to be commander in chief, a Daily News analysis found many members of the military and their families who live in and near military bases have enthusiastically supported the real-estate mogul.

The News combined U.S. Census data with local voting maps to identify precincts where more than half of the adults are estimated to be on active duty. The precincts analyzed cover 13 military bases in nine states that have held primaries — from Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas, to the Camp Lejune Marine Corps Base in Jacksonville, N.C.

Mirroring his standing nationally, Trump was the clear front-runner, winning 38% of the 3,236 votes cast so far in the Republican primaries.

Trump won at seven bases — with his biggest lead in Chattahoochee County, Ga., where everyone votes in a single precinct and half of the adults are enlisted at Fort Benning — and he tied with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz at an eighth base, Fort Jackson in Columbia, S.C.

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Meanwhile, a Secret Service agent has revealed how Hillary really feels about our men in uniform:

In the excerpts reported by the New York Post, Hillary was allegedly rude and verbally abusive to her security detail.  In fact, Secret Service “agents consider being assigned to her detail a form of punishment.”  Kessler states that agents considered being on “Hillary Clinton’s detail is the worst duty assignment in the Secret Service.”

Apparently, when the cameras are gone, Hillary turns off the smile and her “angry personality, nastiness, and imperiousness become evident,” the book writes.

It’d be a shame if it was true about what former Secret Service agent, Loyd Bulman, recalls about Hillary Clinton. He says that she doesn’t seem to like military or police.

“Hillary was very rude to agents, and she didn’t appear to like law enforcement or the military. She wouldn’t go over and meet military people or police officers, as most protectees do. She was just really rude to almost everybody. She’d act like she didn’t want you around, like you were beneath her.”

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This weekend, Memorial sites have been vandalized and destroyed. Do you think it was conservatives who did something like this?

Vandals defaced a Vietnam War Memorial:

Looters also stole Civil War history at Petersburg National field:

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