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Is the AMERICAN FLAG Politically Incorrect to Fly on Memorial Day 2016?

by Les Weaver
Clash Daily Contributor

Typically, this morning I went to my front porch and placed the Stars and Stripes in a pole holder within the boundaries of my front porch but visible to all. Then I placed the Gadsden flag in its holder just inside and slightly subordinate to Old Glory. As a veteran, but more importantly as an American, I display both with pride and reverence. In 1952 I swore to “protect and defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic”. That oath had no expiration date and therefore I honor that oath not just to this day but to the end of my life.

The Matriarch of this family swore that same oath when she became a naturalized citizen years after, at age 19, having escaped from the triad tyranny of Fascism, Socialism and Communism. She reminds this family to be sure Old Glory is displayed properly. Although her country of origin is now free, her devotion, like her oath is to this country but the flag of her origin is a memory only. She too continues to honor her oath that had no expiration date.

When I came inside from displaying Old Glory, I began to think about how my action was contrary to the desires of a multitude of groups and organizations. Those include, many Liberals, Progressives, Democrats, Hispanic Organizations, Mid-East Groups, and the list goes on. In many cities and within residential areas under covenants, the display of the Stars and Stripes has become disallowed. The reasons are varied ranging from Offensive to not being “Politically Correct”, and even stated to be an “offensive display” to certain non-citizens. This in the very country where it is this the national banner.

Many of these same people do not complain if the flags of other countries or the flags of their ethnic origin are displayed. More and more, it has become acceptable to display the black flag of ISIS, the red flag of Communism, or the multi colors of other nations being displayed in lieu of and/or superior to the Stars and Stripes. Many have come here to relish the freedom that resides under our banner but then throw it to the ground, walk on it, burn and defame it. I wonder why they didn’t stay in or return to the country they came from where that was accepted rather than to come here to attack the very freedom they sought.

On Memorial Day, we honor those that died to protect their and our freedom. Across the country, vandals have defaced memorials and destroy the hallowed ground where so many lie in eternal rest, theirs for defending the very freedom that they died for. To me, those that defame these hallowed sites or the Stars and Stripes are the enemies of freedom and therefore my enemies. I kneel and bow my head to those that served under that banner and will defy those that in any way defame the honor of those that have sacrificed the ultimate.

I am honored that a day will come when my mortal remains will be interned with my fellow Americans, an eternal resting place I too have earned. While I live, I will continue to loyally defend everything that the Stars and Stripes stand for.

May God eternally hold them each and all to his bosom.

What say you?

Image:Route 66 Stoveworks via photopin (license); Curtis Perry

Les Weaver: Born into abject poverty in 1934, he spent his teen years on farms as a foster child and was classified as a farm laborer when he joined the Navy in 1952. After that service, he had a short stint at a University but moved on to 35 years associated with the engineering and technical sciences in Aero-Space, retiring from two Aerospace giants in senior positions and a small business. Until retirement, his writing experience was limited to technical occupational reports. His wife is a German immigrant, now a proud American and together they enjoy gardening. Les takes breaks from gardening to express himself to the politicians by phone, email and now thru ClashDaily/DougGiles.

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