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The DOJ Just SCREWED Benghazi Victims In FAVOR Of These People

President Obama’s Department of Justice (fails to) strike again. In this case, it’s yet another point for Muslim terrorists in their ongoing effort to pretty much get away with attacking America. According to Fox News, President Obama’s Justice Department mouthpiece, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, announced that the government will not be seeking the death penalty for the alleged master mind behind the Benghazi attack.

Terrorist Abu Khattala, the alleged mastermind, who has been awaiting a public trial ever since being captured in 2014 by U.S. special forces can thank the President’s “deep concern” about the federal government’s use of the death penalty.

Concern despite Justice Department very rarely actually applies it. While it’s true that the federal government went for and got the death penalty last year for the Boston Marathon bomber, there hasn’t been an actual federal execution since 2003.   All of this seems to provide some explanation as to why Obama fought so hard for terrorists to receive public trials instead of military trials.

So, just to add the recent score together, the new Muslim London Mayor declared that if Trump doesn’t start being nicer to Muslims, they will only attack America more- which seems like a truly brilliant bit of logic for letting them inside your country. About this same time, an undisputed Muslim terrorists avoids the death penalty (and the inside track to his 72 virgins, I guess).

Now, if I were a terrorist perceiving these two events, would I be encouraged or afraid to attack the West knowing that at best they seem to be willing to help me get into their country and at worst they’ll feed me three squares a day with my own bed for the rest of my life for murdering their citizens?

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