GRAPHIC: Rap Video Shows White Cop TORTURED and HANGED…Say It “Doesn’t Promote…”

In what universe does this video NOT promote violence towards police officers? The song titled, “Black Fist,” a reference to the Black Panther Party and their well known symbol for ‘black power’ is nothing more than a race baiting anthem promoting more hatred. Do you think that they should be arrested for inciting violence against police? Vote below!

Watch the video for yourself:

Here is a shot of the ‘disclaimer’:

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 7.17.50 PM

According to Right Scoop:

Some idiot rapper named David Banner is looking to make a dime out of inspiring hatred and violence in the black community, so he made a video showing a policeman being tortured and hanged. But don’t worry – he put a disclaimer up front saying he’s not advocating violence!!

The video shows a white cop grinning as he watches a television report of himself after he shot and killed a young black man. Then he’s kidnapped and hanged. Later in the video it shows him being tortured as well.

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