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Tattooed Thug In Library Sees Small Girl — Then Does What’d Make Any Dad KILL

What this man did to this little girl will enrage you — it is every parent’s worst nightmare. What is even more sick about it is the fact that he did it in front of the girl’s mother.

A heavily tattooed Texas man sits in the Bexar County jail in San Antonio after being charged with indecency with a child. The man who appears to have gang related tattoos reportedly grabbed the buttocks of a young girl and then reportedly masturbated in front of the girl while he mother sat nearby.

Ray A. Ortega, 27,  checked into the Bibliotech Library in San Antonio on Tuesday of this week and began to use a computer terminal where he was assigned by library staff. A little while later, Fox29 in San Antonio reported, a woman and her child were assigned to an adjacent computer terminal.

While the mother was focused on the computer, Ortega allegedly grabbed the young girl’s buttocks, according to the arrest affidavit. The child was startled and moved away but her mother did not appear to notice.

Fox29 reported that Ortega began to “touch himself” a short time later and repeated the behavior several times. He reportedly attempted to make eye contact with the little girl each time he touched himself. His exposure was reportedly in the view of several children. He allegedly tried to conceal his actions by hiding his “private parts” under the counter. The offensive actions were reported to be captured on the library’s video surveillance system.

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