Hillary Just Sent Out A Big ‘THANK YOU’ To The #NeverTrump Crowd

Published on May 6, 2016


If you’re one of the #NeverTrump peeps, then Hillary has a special little message for you. Check this out…

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton celebrated a big victory on Tuesday, pivoting to a general election theme by tackling Donald Trump.

But she also reached out to the increasingly “thoughtful” but gloomy portion of the Republican party that has vowed never to vote for Trump.

“If you are a Democrat, an Independent or a thoughtful Republican, you know their approach is not going to build an America where we increase opportunity or decrease inequality,” she said.

Clinton criticized Trump for rhetoric that has upset some Republicans, such as his comments on abortion, deporting immigrants, and discriminating against Muslim-Americans.

She also proudly played the “woman card” as she spoke to a throng of supporters in Pennsylvania, playing to Republicans who were upset about his comments about women.

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