QUESTION: Why Is the Media So HESITANT to Report These Black-on-White Murders?

Written by Kenn Daily on May 6, 2016

23-year-old Susan Daniel was executed in Princeton, WVa. late last month. Her “crime” was working at a convenience store. The young woman accepted responsibility as an adult. She worked a job considered menial by many to help make ends meet.

Reports say 19-year-old Shakim Saunders entered the store intent on committing robbery. The suspect allegedly pointed a loaded gun at the young woman and pulled the trigger. The crime occurred at 2:20 a.m. on April 28.

Susan Daniel died hours later at a local hospital.

The contrast between the alleged shooter and his victim is apparent. The victim worked for income. The alleged robber chose to steal. The young woman took the high road and, for that, paid with her life. The alleged thief took the low road.

The homicide was ignored by the national media, as have been thousands of similar homicides in which white victims lost their lives to black violence. Had the races been reversed — and they seldom are — the murder would have been headline news for months on end; evidence that white racism flourishes in America.

The truth remains: 52.2 percent of homicides in the United States were committed by blacks; nearly all by black males ages 18 to 49 who comprise about four percent of the nation’s population.

It’s an epidemic of violent crime that has persisted for generations. And for generations the epidemic has been ignored by the national media.

The media are also ignoring the tragic murder of 24-year-old Matt Christensen in Las Vegas, Nev. last month.

Like Susan Daniel, Christensen was a white person who earned his keep working late hours at a retail store.

On April 18, police believe two black males — 22-year-old Ray Brown and 20-year-old Lee Dominic Sykes — entered Lee’s Liquor store intent on robbery. The crime was captured on a security video camera. A gun was pulled and a shot was fired. Christensen’s life abruptly ended.

There was no media circus. There were no riots and no proclamations that “white lives matter”. There is nothing but the tragic end of an honest working white man’s life.

The silence from the media is disturbing.

Other black-on-white murders in recent days include:

• 25-year-old Derek Hail was shot dead May 2 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Arrested for the crime is Antwaun Rice, 30.

• Anthony ‘TJ’ Antell Jr., 30, was gunned down in Arlington, Texas earlier this month. The suspect in custody is Ricci Bradden, 22. News reports say Bradden entered a Walgreens store and shot his wife, an employee, in the leg. When Antell attempted to intervene, he was fatally shot by Bradden. The victim is a former Marine. It’s another black-on-white homicide the national media have chosen to ignore.

• Murder charges were filed Monday against Timothy Bernard Calloway, 25. He is suspected of brutally murdering Jerrid Goodpaster, 28, in February. Reports say the victim was found suffering from a gunshot wound in a parking lot near Eugene, Oregon. Goodpastor, a white man, was apparently shot during a robbery attempt in broad daylight between a Starbucks and Burger King. Also arrested is Diontay Wilson, 26. The victim was white. The two suspects are black.

• Cynthia Campbell Eason was murdered in Burlington, Colo. late last month during a home invasion. The veterinarian, who was white, was beaten to death in her home. One of the two suspects — Isaiah Churchwell, 24 — is a black male. The other suspect is Eason’s own stepson, Dylan Eason, 19. Robbery was the apparent motive. Like virtually all black-on-white homicides, the national media remain silent and local media ignore any implications of racism.

• You’ve probably never heard of Jeanne Huntoon, 34, nor of her tragic death in Grand Rapids, Mich. The white woman’s body was found discarded in the bushes near Grand Rapids Community College. Arrested for the brutal murder is a black male, 19-year-old Marcus Bivens. Police discovered the victim’s remains after witnesses reported “seeing someone dragging what appeared to be a body into the bushes” on April 30.

According to Huntoon’s mother, “She was the most caring and loving person who was adamant about doing onto others how you want others to do onto you. She constantly was giving to others in need, even if it meant giving something she cherished. She always had a smile on her face and sunshine in her pockets, handing it out to those who needed it. She had so much faith in the Lord knowing he was guiding her in the right direction. She is the last person who deserved this.”

That’s something else you’ll never hear from the national media.

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