Could This Be The Reason That Socialists LOATHE Gun Owners?

Written by Rob Morse on May 15, 2016

Social theorists want to believe that gun control reduces violence. They think that criminals who break the law will, for some reason, obey the next gun law. These social theorists also hate the idea of armed civilians. Let’s look a little closer at what gun-haters say and do.

Criminals don’t buy guns legally. It may shock you that criminals break the law, but it’s an established fact. It sounds depressing at first, but it also has a silver lining for honest civilians. Yes, criminals break the law. That means the laws regulating guns and honest gun owners are ineffective. Those laws don’t reduce crime. Said another way, we can get rid of the laws on gun registration and crime won’t increase. Criminals don’t take mandatory background checks either. That means we can eliminate the laws on regulating honest gun owners, and crime won’t go up. There is less here than meets the eye.

Gun control activists knew this all along. Michael Beard was the executive director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. Michael said, “I would agree that clearly, no law is going to prevent criminals from getting handguns or any kind of weapons they want… You can’t stop criminals from getting guns.” I take Michael Beard at his word.

The police say that armed self-defense works. Cops want to be armed on the job … and off. Deputies and officers want their wives, sons, and daughters to be armed as well. They want honest civilians like us to be armed so we can protect ourselves until the police arrive.

Don’t confuse what the cop on the beat says with what an appointed Chief of Police is told to say. The two are very different.

There is more good news. Armed women are ten times less likely to be raped if they defend themselves with a gun. You don’t have to believe me. You can believe the FBI report on sexual assault in 26 US cities. The FBI isn’t alone.

Socialist cities in the US have some of our strictest gun laws. Those cities where guns are banned are among of the most violent cities in the US. In contrast, consider conservative cities where guns are plentiful. They are some of the safest places on earth. Socialism crushes opportunity and causes violent crime. Not guns.

Why do Socialists direct so much hate on honest gun owners if guns don’t cause crime? Socialists want an all-powerful government. They want an all-powerful government that they control. Socialists want a nation of weak citizens… so they can feel safe.

That is almost funny given that the socialists are the ones killing people. It would be funny except for the lives lost and ruined, and that is never funny.

Socialists kill thousands each year here in the US. At the same time these Socialists see the National Rifle Association as a subversive force in society. The rest of us see the NRA as a civil rights group who teaches our sons and daughters how to use a gun safely and effectively for self-defense.

When I think about it, teaching armed defense to civilians is subversive after all… and I like it. Then again, I’m not a Socialist.

How about you?

Image: Courtesy of Nathan Congleton @ Hillary Clinton via photopin (license)

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