QUESTION: Hillary Says, ‘I Will Put NATIONAL Security Over Self-Interest’ … Do YOU Believe Her?

Published on May 31, 2016

Hillary has quite the track record when it comes to this — and not in a good way. Do you believe that Hillary will actually put our security over her own self interest if she becomes President?

Asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper Tuesday if she viewed it as a challenge that she would have to convince voters that she would put national security above her own self-interest, Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton said that it was obvious.

“I think that is obvious. I always have,” she said.

It might not be given Clinton’s much-publicized email woes.

USA Today’s editorial board wrote Tuesday that Clinton’s use of a personal server had put national security at risk and had repeatedly ignored warnings from State Department officials:

If Clinton wants to become the president of the United States, she needs to explain how she could make such a reckless decision. She had a chance to answer questions when the Obama administration-appointed inspector general contacted her about the investigation that was released last week. Among five recent secretaries of State, only Clinton refused.

Clinton used the IG report to say other secretaries of state had used personal email addresses to conduct business at the State Department. She also claimed that the rules on the use of personal email had not been clarified until after she had left.

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