Here’s The List of Trump’s Donations To Veteran Groups The Media Is CHOKING On

Written by Thomas Holmes on May 31, 2016

Earlier today, Donald Trump released the entire list of veteran’s organizations that received donations from his anti-Fox debate in Iowa last January. Much to the chagrin of the mainstream media and their campaign to dutifully make moral assumptions and dutifully investigate the financial dealings of anyone not named Hillary.

You may recall that in March, the unseemly paper of record in my hometown, Washington DC, The Washington Post, blasted an article stating that after just two months –from the January rally to March article- Trump had “failed” to release all the details of the donations and receiving veterans organization to our beloved watchdog media.

“After the campaign initially did not provide details of where the money had gone, The Post had undertaken its own accounting”, wrote David Farhenthold on March 3rd.

How noble of them. The long and the short of it is that, according to the Post’s March article only $3 million of the announced $6 million could be accounted for. That clearly merited an enormous media outcry against Trump because, it’s not like he’s trying to win a Presidential nomination during this whole time or anything.

Meanwhile, career criminal, Hillary Clinton- she of the Whitewater investigation, the absurd Goldman Sachs invoicing and Clinton Foundation fraud continues to skate by. Now, this isn’t to justify Trump by suggesting that if Hillary gets away with it, so should he.

We should expect better from the leaders on our side of the political fence. But, if that sanctimonious bastion of false superiority known as the Washington Post can only find $3 million in received donations a few weeks after a charity rally in any fair world, how is there are story there?

I mean, at worse, $3 million in donations to veterans is still $3 million more than anybody else raised that night and Trump is guilty of hyperbole (shocker, I know). At best, it confirms an enormous dollar figure with no real reason to suspect any subterfuge.

Earlier today, Trump held a press conference at Trump tower, effectively punching the press in the mouth. He accused them of deception and even called one guy ”sleazy” (he’s my favorite dwarf). Like or hate Trump, you have to admire how he’s not allowing the media to get away with massaging stories to their benefit. He knows they practically let Hillary get away with murder, and often protect her from herself by “clarifying” what she said in any given speech.

Hey media, you want to run Trump through the ringer over an unprocessed $3 million? Sure, you’re just going to get it thrown back in one or both of your two faces.

This veteran was at the press conference and put them on full blast as well:

Here is the full list of money paid out to veteran’s organizations:

Here is the list of checks that have been delivered and cashed according to Trump…

#22Kill $200,000 

Achilles international $200,000

American Hero Adventures $100,000

Americans for Equal living $100,000

America’s Vet Dogs, The Veterans Canine Corp. Inc. $75,000 

AMVets $75,000

Armed Services YMCA of the U.S. $75,000

Bob Woodruff Family Foundation Inc. $75,000

Central Iowa Shelter and Services $100,000

Connected Warriors Inc. $75,000

Disabled American Veterans Charitable Services Trust $115,000

Fisher House Foundation $115,000

Folds of Honor Foundation $200,000

Foundation for American Veterans $75,000 

Freedom Alliance $75,000

Green Beret Foundation $350,000

Hire Heroes USA $75,000

Homes For Our Troops $50,000

Honoring Americans Warriors $100,000

Hope for the Warriors $65,000

Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund $175,000

Canines for Warriors $50,000

Liberty House $100,000

Marine Corp Law Enforcement Foundation $1,100,000

Navy SEAL Foundation $465,000

Navy Marine Corp Relief Society $75,000

New England Wounded Veterans Inc. $75,000

Operation Home Front $65,000

Partners for Patriots $100,000

Project for Patriots $100,000

Puppy Jake Foundation $100,000

Racing for Heroes Inc. $200,000

Support Siouxland Soldiers $100,000

Task Force Dagger Foundation $50,000

The Mission Continues $75,000

The National Military Family Association Inc. $75,000

Veterans Airlift Command $100,000

Veterans Count $25,000

Veterans in Command Inc. $150,000

Vietnam Veterans Workshop Inc. $75,000

Warriors for Freedom Foundation $50,000

Total: $5.6 million

Trump said he expects more money to come in and for more checks to be paid out.

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