QUESTION: What If A Muslim Said To Your Family, ‘I’m Going To Kill You Motherf***ers’

Written by Doug Giles on May 8, 2016

What would you do to this Muslim if he threatened to kill you? It might be hard to narrow down your decision. Here’s what one Religion of Peacer did to spread terrorism:

An Auckland man has pleaded guilty to possessing, making and distributing extremist Islamic videos which featured footage of people being beheaded and burned alive.

Imran Patel, 26, admitted the charges at Auckland District Court this afternoon, just hours after 27-year-old Niroshan Nawarajan became the first person in the country to admit such offending.

Patel’s situation is more serious because he distributed the videos, whereas Nawarajan was only charged with possession.

The cases are unrelated.

In court documents, various websites are named on which Patel distributed the material.
It can now be revealed that just over a year ago Patel was jailed for 10 months for holding a large knife to a driver’s throat and threatening to kill him while yelling an Islamic exclamation.

Patel gestured to the driver then ran across the road and held a knife – measuring 20cm – to the driver’s throat yelling, “Allahu Akbar” [Allah is the greatest], and, “I’m going to kill you motherf***er”.

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