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Here’s Why I Carry EVERYWHERE I Go: 15 Thugs BRUTALLY Beat Student Causing Him To…

This is yet another reason why you should always be packing and always be aware of your surroundings everywhere you go. You won’t believe what his ‘friends’ did to him after this happened.

A college student, 21, was beaten by a mob and stabbed at a party before friends drove him home and placed him in bed, where he was discovered dead the next morning, according to a search warrant.

Hosung ‘Steven’ Lee, a student at George Mason University, died from a stab wound to the chest, with the state medical examiner ruling it a homicide last week, according to the Washington Post.

Lee attended a party in Herndon, Virginia, the night before, where a witness said a mob of 10 to 15 people beat him while he lay on the kitchen floor, according to search warrants filed by Fairfax County police.

A witness told detectives Lee was stomped, kicked and punched by a large group at the party, which extended into the next morning according to court documents cited by the Post.

Police had appeared at the home on the 12600 block of Oxon Road earlier that night due to a noise complaint, WTOP reported.

It is unclear what prompted the attack on Lee and why his friends did not seek medical help.

Instead, they drove him about five miles to Centreville, where Lee lived with his sister and parents.

According to the search warrants, his friends placed him in bed, and Lee was found dead by a family member around 4.24pm on April 24, according to WTOP.

The witness identified one person who allegedly participated in beating Lee, but he refused to cooperate with authorities when they tried to interview him. He has not been charged.

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