Shrink Says Re: Trump, ‘Here’s WHY It’s Time For A NARCISSISTIC President’

Published on May 11, 2016

Do you agree with Dr. Keith Ablow that we need a narcissistic President? Or do you think that we need a President who is ‘nicer’?

Donald Trump’s critics often brand him a narcissist, citing his tendency to tout his achievements, emblazon his name on skyscrapers and jets and launch scathing verbal attacks on those who criticize him. Well, I think we need the next president to display a healthy dose of narcissism and share it with the American people.

Donald Trump may have unwieldy love for self, but I believe he also has unwieldy love for America. And for him, these two passions may well be intertwined. In loving his freedom to speak bluntly, in loving his freedom to own property, in loving his freedom to unleash his creative force for profit and in loving his ability to hire the best people to work their hardest on worthy projects, I believe he also loves these core elements of America, the American economy and the American dream.

In this way, Donald Trump is John Wayne. Donald Trump is Babe Ruth. Donald Trump is the Miracle on Ice hockey team that defeated the Soviet team to win Olympic gold in 1980 at Lake Placid. His ego, like theirs, is not untethered from American patriotism. It is inextricably bound to it.

It is no surprise that Trump has stated his policy will put “America First.” He is as unapologetically a creation of American capitalism as he is his own father’s son – yes, blessed with an inheritance, but inspired, rather than hobbled, by it.

Narcissists can be charismatic and unrelenting and singularly focused on achieving their goals. Is that a horrible description of someone tasked with leading the free world?

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