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SNL: ‘Church Lady’ Gets RESURRECTED And Interviews Cruz And Trump

SNL’s Church Lady is back and funnier than ever — especially because Trump and Cruz were being interviewed.

If you’re an avid supporter of either of these two candidates and you can’t take a joke, then you might not want to watch this.


He was called ‘Lucifer in the flesh’ by former House Speaker John Boehner last month.

And Ted Cruz transformed into Satan himself last night… or at least he did on Saturday Night Live.

In a skit mocking Cruz and Donald Trump, actors playing both of the Republicans were seen talking to a woman in a church.

First into the church was Cruz, who was asked what was next for him after he was ‘humiliated by an Orange mannequin’ in the battle for the GOP nomination.

‘I have been thinking about turning evil for a while. Going to the dark side,’ the failed Republican presidential candidate said.

‘I mean I have been told to go to hell so many times, I think it is finally time to check it out,’ he added, before leaving the church cackling.

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