Teen Girl Followed By 25 Boys Into Bathroom at Public School, Then THIS Happened

Parents and students at this school were in complete disbelief at what happened at this Florida High School. It was even recorded on video and circulated through out the school. Here is yet another reason to pull your kids out of public school immediately…

LEE COUNTY, Fla. — Lee County Deputies said a 15-year-old South Fort Myers High School girl had sex with multiple male students in the bathroom of the school.

“Shock. Disbelief. Concern. Sad,” Eric Struble said. He’s a parent to two 15-year-old girls.

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The incident report said the girl admitted to having sex with multiple male students in the bathroom, and 25 male students were identified going inside the bathroom during the timeframe the girl was inside.

Students said it happened in the main boys bathroom on the second floor.

“Like, how did it happen? Like, where was everybody at?” 18-year-old SFMHS student Petislin Cadeau said.

He said he heard some of the football team was involved, and the incident was caught on camera.

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