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What We Can EXPECT in a World Where People Have Forgotten to Respect Their Elders

At Memorial Day services this past week all around the USA, Veterans gathered to pay homage to those who gave all.

Those who remain are aging, but still in attendance.

There were a few WWII veterans on site, their years weighing heavily on them, but despite their lack of mobility they were unable to forget about their brothers and sisters in arms.

These are people who literally saved the world as we know it.

If they had not put their bodies in between our world and the evil of the Third Reich and/or the treachery of Japan, so many countries may have been destroyed, or at least be living another life, speaking another language.

It staggers the imagination when one sees a hero from the greatest generation struggling to stand in order to salute the flag, and again struggling, in fear of falling to return to their seat.

It is true that spouses die, and children move away and things don’t always turn out the way one plans. However, it is just heartbreaking to think that those who gave so much to all of us, are left to fight on alone in their dwindling years.

It is important to remember that everyone ages.

Today, it is them, tomorrow it will be you.

Take the opportunity to reach out and give a hand to those who have done so much for so many.

Parents should take the time to teach the newest generations of WWII and what was at stake in the last world war. They cannot depend on the schools to pay adequate homage to the history. They cannot depend on the schools to teach one of the most important lessons either. That lesson would be RESPECT YOUR ELDERS.

It seems that respect for anything or anyone is in a serious deficit these days.

In previous generations, parents reigned supreme, teachers and law enforcement were a force for obedience and self-respect was a value taught both at home and in the schools.

The latest scheme taught in parenting is to be the child’s “friend”. To make the effort to get down to the child’s level and give him or her a vote in everything that happens to them.

They are taught that life should be fair and rosy. Parents labor long in order to control every situation and aspect of their child’s lives.

Today’s child is in charge and they mandate to the parent.

The recent incident that cost the life of an endangered Western Lowland Gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo shows how little control some have over their children.

Indeed, not only those of the Greatest Generation, but the subsequent generations that follow are in for deep trouble as they age and today’s coddled youth take over the running of the world.

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Candace Hardin

Candace Hardin resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She is fluent in Spanish and a student of Latin and history. She is a columnist on and has a blog, Originally from North Carolina, her writing and beliefs have been heavily influenced by the Appalachian culture and tradition.

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