Published on June 11, 2016

This famous cartoonist brilliantly explains how Trump has soared to the top and why he is dominating the 2016 elections.

One of the many unexpected twists of this election has been the emergence of Dilbert creator Scott Adams as one of its most insightful commentators. Long before most other pundits were even treating Donald Trump’s campaign seriously, Adams was arguing that his campaign was conceptually brilliant and would result not only in Trump’s nomination but also a “landslide” victory in November.

Adams has long mocked business management techniques in his comic strip, but has made a point of examining what works and what doesn’t. He argues that Trump is engaging in a master class in the arts of negotiation and marketing that is running rings around his political competitors. And Trump knows exactly what he is doing.

After speaking to the Washington Examiner last week, Adams endorsed Hillary Clinton in a post on his official blog while maintaining his prediction that Trump will win. He said the decision was prompted by riots caused by anti-Trump protesters. “[M]y safety is at risk if I am seen as supportive of Trump. So I’m taking the safe way out and endorsing Hillary Clinton for president,” he wrote.

Watch the video where he claims that Trump “b*tch slapped Fox News”:

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