WHOA: Clinton Called BLACKS “G-D Damn Ni**ers” When He Wasn’t HAPPY With Them

Published on June 11, 2016

This long time friend of Bill Clinton just revealed a bombshell about Bill Clinton during an interview on the Wayne Dupree Show. There are three words that Slick Willy loved to use every time that a black lawmaker didn’t agree with him. Check this out…

Dolly Kyle, long time friend of Bill Clinton and even former lover before and after his marriage, joined The Wayne Dupree Show on Friday night to discuss her book and her relationships with the Clintons that has lasted over the years. She’s known Bill since the age of 13 and while she opened up a lot of secrets, one of them I was taken aback.

The Clintons pass themselves off as the saviors of the black community, but this facade is over, now! Today, Clinton even eulogized Muhammad Ali but if the black attendees knew he went around calling black lawmakers he didn’t agree with “G-D Damn Ni**ers” then it would be a lot more questioning of his motives. Check out this audio clip from the show.

Click the play button below to listen to the interview:

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