Green Beret BLASTS Michael Moore’s Gun Tweet, ‘You’re The King TURD On SH*T Mountain’

Published on June 17, 2016

by Bryan Sikes, Green Beret Sniper
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

To my tenderfoot buddy, Michael Moore —

Sitting in the airport last night on my way home from an outdoor/sporting optics/firearms/ammunition/archery industry event, I came across your little gem of a Tweet: “Ammo used in AR-15/M-16 is banned by Geneva Convention. It enters the body, spins & explodes. Show the crime scene photos & the NRA is over.”

But just as I thought it couldn’t get any better, you use your Baskin Robbins ice cream technique and double down with this:

“Any guy who had shop class in high school can change a semi-automatic gun 2 fully automatic in 5min. 4 million “AR-15″/M-16 guns in US homes”

Must be nice to be totally ignorant to reality while rolling around in your ego and corporate-made money while the rest of us work and actually contribute something to society. The same society you prey upon for your monetary gain by way of ill informed posts, tweets and junk movie productions you refer to as “documentaries.”

Admittedly, I have a hard time with trying to figure out who’s more clueless, you or those that like your tweets. Your Ammo tweet ranks high as one of the dumbest statements ever made by a clueless Hollywood type about the gun topic. Without going into too much detail, literally every single thing in that tweet is completely incorrect.

Calories have done more damage to you than any caliber has. The Geneva Conventions? Seriously, someone had to have hacked your Twitter account, you can’t really be that stupid.

Lastly, I don’t think you could change a tire, let alone change a semi-auto to a full auto. Let’s not continue to perpetuate insanely stupid “Moore Factoids” — it just makes it harder for your millennial Moron fan base. I mean, some of them actually think you’ve got a clue. I have to believe that being King Turd on Shit Mountain is getting old, so come on down, reality and an informed perspective are waiting.

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Green Beret Sniper, Bryan Sikes, hilariously slams ‘cupcake’ Michael Moore for calling American Sniper, Chris Kyle, a coward.

Mr. Moore-

Good afternoon there sweetheart, I hope this finds you alive and well. You can thank our men and women of the armed forces for that, by the way, and that also includes us cowardly snipers. It seems you’ve found time between licking the jelly off your fingers and releasing your grasp of a bear claw to tweet some junk about snipers being cowards.

My buddies and I got a good laugh over the tweet, so I thank you. For a guy worth $50 million dollars, you sure have quite a bit to bitch and cry about. I guess like a moth to flame, you too gravitate towards things that are popular and in the moment — in this case it’s snipers. Too bad for you that your attempt at being relevant via your 70+ year old family experience has failed. It has only made you look dumber than a bag of hammers. Next time you should try something more original than going after snipers for one reason or another…that was so last month.

It’s typical of “men” like you to criticize the intestinal fortitude, focus, discipline and patriotism of a sniper. It must stem from an inferiority complex or something. But hey, it’s okay cupcake. We snipers are thick skinned and the efforts of world class turds such as yourself to portray us in a negative light only makes us laugh. If you and I were in the same room, I’d throw you a smile and gently pat you on the head knowing you’re nothing more than a mouth breathing, Crisco sweating waste of space not even worthy of being in the presence of a sniper. It’s almost funny how people like you preach things like ‘acceptance’ and ‘not passing judgement’ or ‘labeling people’, but then are the first to do so when a person is in some way dissimilar from you.

So tenderfoot, I leave you with this final thought: what if you found yourself in some sort of hostage situation where you were held at knife-point by some crazed person and they were dead set on making an example of you by bleeding you out on Hollywood Blvd in front of the world, and the only way out was with the precision aimed fire of a sniper? Would you want that coward to take the shot? Because knowing how you feel about snipers such as myself and your hatred of firearms, I’d probably drop the mag, roll the bolt and go get a Jack & Coke before helping you out.

Very Respectfully,