PLEASE NOTE: No RIOTS At Trump Rally In Texas … Is THIS The Reason?

Written by Doug Giles on June 17, 2016

Trump’s rally in Texas seemed to go very differently than the ones that took place in California, and none of his supporters were harmed or attacked. Do you think there’s a reason for this? Short answer: Yes; and it’s a big one. The fact that Texas is an open carry state might have been the reason:

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Protesters massed outside, but so did pro-Trump ‘open carry’ activists legally toting rifles as they watched.

A group of pro-Trump activists from the ‘open-carry’ movement brought their rifles to Trump’s event, a practice that is legal in Texas – but Secret Service wouldn’t allow the weapons inside.

One anti-Trump protester did attack by throwing a rock at a reporter’s head. That protester is lucky he didn’t hit an open-carry Trump supporter:

Donald Trump landed deep in the heart of Texas on Thursday and asked for a ride on a mechanical bull – or some other hooved animal – as he curried favor with Lone Star Republicans by pledging to embroider ‘Make America Great Again’ on cowboy hats.

Speaking to about 4,000 people inside Gilley’s, a honky-tonk music hall in Dallas, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee joked that he couldn’t see the joint’s signature prop – the mechanical bull made famous by the 1980 John Travolta-Debra Winger movie ‘Urban Cowboy.’

Only in Trump’s world, the test of drunken manhood that tosses bar patrons in the air was a horse, not a bull.

‘I’ve read about this place for a long time! Where’s that horse? I want to go on the horse!’ he boomed. ‘Hey, you wanna hit the papers tomorrow? Let’s get that horse. I’ll ride that horse.’

He did eject a half-dozen protesters, including one pasty, bearded 40-something man wearing a white cowboy hat.

‘I like cowboy hats,’ Trump said, ‘but I like the “make America great” hats too.’

‘Hey! You know, the protester just gave me an idea: We’ll say “Make America Great Again” on a cowboy hat, right?’

‘I love that idea!’ he yelled. ‘Thank you, mister protester! Boy, that’s going to sell well in Dallas, let me tell you.’

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