Guess How MANY Muslims Entered U.S. AFTER #Orlando? (TRUMP Has 4 Words For This BS)

Published on June 17, 2016

Do you think this is adding insult to injury? You’ll see red when you see how many Muslim refugees entered the U.S. not even a week after the massacre that took place in Orlando.

In the days since an Islamic radical murdered 49 people at an Orlando gay bar, the Obama Administration has admitted hundreds more Syrian refugees to the United States, including placing dozens in Florida.

According to State Department data, since June 12, 441 Syrian refugees have been resettled in communities across the U.S. Just five of the recent arrivals are Christian the rest are Muslim, including 434 Sunni Muslims and one identified as simply “Moslem.” One is listed as having “no religion.”

The 441 new arrivals have been resettled across 26 states, with Illinois (60), Florida (49), and Arizona (38) taking in the most Syrian refugees over that four-day timeframe.

Of the 49 new Syrian refugees resettled in Florida since the attack, 10 have been resettled in the greater Orlando area — with five resettled in Orlando proper and five resettled in Kissimmee. The rest of the refugees settled in Florida were placed in Clearwater (six), Delray Beach (five), Miami (five), Pensacola (five), Tampa (18).

Here are the five EPIC words that Donald Trump had to say when he saw this news:

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