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When This Guy Left a RUDE Note on a Wounded Combat Vet’s Truck, He Didn’t Realize THIS

When this wounded combat veteran walked back to his car after eating breakfast, he noticed there was a note on his windshield from someone.

He grabbed it thinking it might be a nice random note from someone, considering that license plates reveal he is a Purple Heart recipient, but was shocked at what it said.

It read:

It figures that the fool with the Hillary sticker would be the inconsiderate, selfish, jackass that would take up two parking spaces in a full lot!

The angry man (or woman) was so upset about this that he didn’t even realize one thing about the ‘Hillary’ sticker that was on the veteran’s truck:


The Texan man responded on Facebook with this message for the Oklahoman:

If anyone knows the idiot who was at the Cracker Barrel on 800 N Interstate Dr in Norman, OK this Sunday at 1230 pm and left this note on my black F250, please let him know:

1. Oklahomans obviously can’t read,

2. The car you left your cute little note on had a Purple Heart plate and the driver almost selflessly died for your right to be a moron,

And…3. I wasn’t up taking up two spots so you obviously can’t count either!

Let’s share the crap out this so he will hopefully see it!!! ‪#‎TexasForever‬

Omar Avila, the owner of the truck, was wounded in 2007 when a 200-pound IED hit his humvee in Iraq and suffered burns to 75 percent of his body and a partial foot amputation on his right foot. He served with the Charlie Company of the 1st Battalion, 26th Infantry Regiment.

Share if you want him to see the message!

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