Is This Millennial Mom and Her Bratty Kid to BLAME for Killing a Gorilla?

Published on June 3, 2016

by Michael Karolchyk
Clash Daily Contributor

A few days ago at the Cincinnati zoo, a millennial mom and her bratty kid got an innocent, majestical creature murdered. Harambe, a 17-year-old ape and great father, was murdered for the sin of crossing paths with another spoiled brat millennium and horrific parent. A four-year-old boy had climbed the barrier and fell into the gorilla’s mist after telling his mother and all those around him of his intentions moments earlier to go see the gorillas and climb into the surrounding water. This led to Harambe the majestical gorilla and wonderful dad being murdered.

The mother and her son were eventually identified but there are a million of these millennial mom’s and bratty kids that could easily have done the same thing. You see these moms and brats at the grocery stores when the kids won’t put the merchandise down and throw tantrums. You see these moms and kids on the airplane when the kid keeps getting up and disrupting the flight. You see these moms and kids at the restaurant when the kid keeps kicking the back of your chair or booth and the mom pretends that little Johnny is a good boy.

I have written extensively on the pestilence that plagues America: the millennial generation. These kids are helicoptered, spoiled, emasculated girly men. They are created by divorced parents who act like the kids’ butler or babysitter instead of their mom or dad due to their angst for breaking up the family. These kids then go to a public school system bereft of real males, rules, discipline, accountability and authority.

When the Millennial kids get older they all get a car, car insurance, IPhone, gas card, credit card and spending money without ever working a day for it. This generation of kids have the highest child obesity rate by almost 300 percent, double the pre-diabetes rate of any generation, the highest overweight rate and are so out of shape that the Pentagon has called it a national security threat (we won’t have any soldiers because they are so fat, lazy and out of shape). Immediate gratification and absolutely no work or follow through is what this generation is used to. This is the generation of participation awards and trophies for being on time. This generation of girly men is second to last in math and science among developed nations. It is last in reading among developed nations. Does anyone even think this generation of chubbies could storm the beaches of Normandy? The millennial generation couldn’t even take on Canada, Grenada or Panama!!

Examine some of the facts if you feel bad for the mom and boy. The boy was warning his mom for ten minutes he was going to jump into water. My mom and Dad didn’t tell me things a second time without a very aggressive ripping of my ear or worst. I can tell you that I would have had an ear severed from my head and I would have been in the car by the second time I announced I was going into the water to play with the gorillas. If I announced it only once my Mom’s laser radar eyes would have been fixed on me the rest of the afternoon. How did the kid even manage to get near the barrier of the gorillas AFTER HE WARNED his mom of his intentions?

You must also take note that both the mother and father of the brat are obese. How much do you want to bet that they are registered Democrats who voted for Obama twice? Does anyone for a second think the mom is a Trump supporter? Female Trump supporters are tiger moms who demand their kids to be respectful, listen and be held accountable. Take a look at my prior columns to make the connection between obesity, liberalism, laziness, no discipline and lack of success.

I can also tell you that my father and mother would not have to say something twice to me as a child; we were taught at a very young age that children “are to be seen and not heard.” My parents taught my brother and sister discipline, respect and command. These words are foreign to a narcissistic and entitled millennium generation who think the world owes them everything and that they are “special.”

Where was the father in all of this? The father has been in and out of jail for numerous violent offenses; yet another young millennial with no male role model. When will society ever admit that boys need masculine and responsible men to raise them and make them men?! How pathetic that the only real dad present at the zoo was Harambe who immediately grabbed the boy and shielded him from the screams and shrieks of the crowd?

For being a responsible parent and protecting the little brat boy, Harambe was rewarded with a fatal bullet to his head in front of his screaming kids. I bet those gorilla kids are wondering today why the Millennial mom and her brat kid were not arrested and why their father Harambe was shot and killed. Maybe, just maybe, it is time for us to consider putting these millennial brats in zoos and behind bars and freeing the gorillas. At least there would be way better parenting and less spoiled, lazy, fat and entitled brats. Our Schools might even have better math, reading and science scores.


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