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PROOF: The ‘ANTI-TRUMP PROTESTS’ Are More PLANNED Than A Bob Dole Bowel Movement (Video & Photos)

A police officer just made a shocking revelation about the anti-Trump protesters that were present at his rally in Dallas. This is something that the Left relies on to carry out their protests.

A Dallas police officer admitted to InfoWars reporter Joe Biggs that the unruly protesters present at Donald Trump’s Thursday rally had actually been bused in from out of state.

In the video, Biggs walks with a group of Trump supporters on the outside of temporary barriers, away from the venue.

“Why do they have busses?” Biggs asks the officer, who responds, “yeah, they got bused in. Once they’re all secured on the buses — out of the picture — we’ll open [the barriers] up, and you all can go to your cars.”

Here’s a picture of a bus dropping off more protesters at a fundraiser in Houston:

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