TRUMP, ‘It Would’ve Been BEAUTIFUL If #Orlando Killer Got SHOT Between The Eyes’ … Do YOU Agree?

Donald Trump thinks it would have been a very different outcome in Orlando if the bullets had been flying in the opposite direction. Do you agree with him?

Donald Trump discussed the Orlando massacre in bold language Friday night, telling supporters in Dallas, if someone in the Pulse nightclub had a gun, they could have shot the “son of a bitch” who killed 49 and injured dozens more.

A boisterous Trump, speaking to thousands of shouting fans, said it would have been a “beautiful sight” if one of the victims could have shot radicalized Muslim Omar Mateen “right smack between the eyes.”

“If we had people, where the bullets were going in the opposite direction, right smack between the eyes of this maniac,” Trump said while pointing his finger right between his own eyes.

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