How Democrats Are Rewarding the WICKED in the Face of the #Orlando Atrocity

Written by Ian Bayne on June 16, 2016

Did you know that the preferred reaction to the shooting of innocent people is to call for gun control? In fact, it’s the only reaction that isn’t either racist, sexist, bigoted, or somehow crude or selfish.

With dozens dead following the Orlando shooting that occurred just days ago, Democrats skipped the grief process and went right into the self-promotion process.

In fact, the only reaction allowed by the Democrat party is one that exploits the lives of those lost. There’s no time for sorrow. No time for remembrance. No time… for silence.

Two backbencher Democrats used the U.S. House of Representatives’ moment of silence for dead victims of a tragic crime as a way to gain media attention for their otherwise failed and boring political careers.

Young Seth Moulton grew up privileged in Marblehead, Massachusetts, where million dollar homes are considered “on the low side” of the economic scale. After attending “Phillips Academy” and Harvard, he joined the Marines.

After a year working for the railroad he was ready for congress.

The man who gave the undergraduate commencement address at Harvard on the importance of service didn’t just make a point of his military service during his run for election, but now serves himself as he was busy making public his exploitation of the dead.

Family members were making arrangements for their murdered sons and brothers while Moulton was typing press releases and high-fiving staffers who were furiously dusting off gun control legislation and eagerly attaching his name to it.

Katherine Clark, a hack state senator-turned congressman with no accomplishments to name, was getting dolled up to pose with a sign that said “#NoMoreSilence” when body parts were being scraped off of the walls of the Pulse nightclub.

“I refuse to take part in a moment of silence by a Congress that takes part in empty gestures rather than do something – anything – that could actually prevent these horrific acts from happening,” said Clark in a prepared statement.

If Clark were serious about withholding participation in an organization that refuses to pass gun control she’d drop out of congress. But then what would she do?

She’s never worked in the private sector, has no accomplishments, and is worthless to a productive society. She can only serve to create fear, misery, and divide people by gender and color.

She isn’t the first to act shamelessly though.

We haven’t had a sense of honor in this country since a certain Democrat was busy getting blowjobs in the Oval Office and launching missiles to take attention away from his wrong-doing.

While one cannot fault the media for pointing out politics in tragic situations, the two congressmen were creating politics from a tragic situation.

It’s hard to fault the victim that stepped forward to say that the shooter was “sparing black people” because, allegedly, the shooter said so.

Although this shouldn’t make any more difference than the sexual preference of the shooter, it’s understandable that media outlets would report it and a person would repeat it. It’s news.

But for elected representatives to profit from the misery of others should be as criminal as writing a book about illegal activity that you had participated in.

And the cause for the exploitation is as senseless as the killings themselves.

Banning guns would do far less to prevent murder in gay nightclubs than banning gay nightclubs would, but that’s “a right worth fighting for” if you ask those on the left side of the aisle. (the one that started shouting after a moment of silence for victims)

While we as a nation grow more tolerant of self-promotion, we grow numb to compassion.

A black person is a victim.

A gay person is a hero.

Neither are just people, but opportunities for profit or political victory.

While mothers bury their sons this week, society rewards the wicked. And by that I mean members of congress.


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Ian Bayne
Ian Bayne is a former radio talk show host and political consultant. He is currently a small business owner living in central Illinois. Follow him on Twitter @ ianbayneisright