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Is the Blood in #Orlando On the Hands of Five Supreme Court Justices?

By Dan Perkins
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

As the author of the trilogy on Islamic nuclear terrorism against the United States called The Brotherhood of the Red Nile, I spent an enormous amount of time doing research on the Koran and Sharia Law.

The first Book in the trilogy has a subtitle, “A Terrorist Perspective”. My intent in this first book was to help the reader gain a basic understanding of why the Muslim people are determined to destroy America and the gay population therein. It is not hard if you look outside the United States news media to find many examples of Islamic nations throwing gays off of the top of buildings, beheading, stoning to death and many other punishments for those people they believe are acting in such a way to attack their beliefs.

We in America many times make decisions without understanding what the unintended consequences may be of our decisions. Look at the administration’s decision to have regime change in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. The President recently admitted in the case of Libya, that they, the President and Mrs. Clinton, did not think through who would replace Qaddafi. The results of their poor judgment are countries in total chaos and coming under the control of ISIL.

Now we come to the Supreme Court, a significant number of the world population believes from the beginning of time that God intended marriage to be between a man and woman, Adam and Eve. For thousands and thousands of years in the evolution of man, marriage was still defined as between a man and woman. In our own nation the determination of the laws regarding marriage were established by the states, not the central government. So then the five justices of the Supreme Court in their arrogance decided that they were going to tell the people in the United States, and the rest of the world, that they decided that marriage was no longer just between a man and woman.

Their decision of defining marriage in the United States was no longer limited to a union between a man and woman, but could now be between a man and a man, and a woman and woman. Those true believers in the Koran were outraged not only by the 5 to 4 decision of the court but also that the house of the President was illuminated with the gay pride flag lights. This told the true believers that America no longer believed in it’s past, nor the history of man. America has become, in their eyes, a decadent nation, and was attacking their core beliefs.

The Supreme Court and the administration sent a clear message to the Muslim community without thinking about the consequences of their actions. The gay community and the President and Michelle Obama, many leaders of the Democratic Party and others celebrated the diversity and the change of the historical definition of marriage.

The leaders of the Islamic movement told us last week that the debauchery in Europe and United States left them no other choice but to attack both the United States and Europe in retaliation for the attack on their religious beliefs. Mohammed told his followers that they were given the mission to lead the world to the end of times. The only people that could enter into heaven were Muslims, and everybody else were infidels: and, they either converted to the Islamic faith or they were to be killed. The action of the young man who killed 49 people, and injured 53 more in the largest mass shooting in our history used his cell phone while he was killing people to communicate his support for the principles of Islam.

It would be foolish for us in America and the people in the LGBT community to believe that this was a singular incident, I believe there is a potential for more attacks by Muslims in America on the LGBT Community. I looked at the reaction in the mainstream media as the Democratic leaders suggested this weekend that the killings are because of the Second Amendment. It seems that the media in their rush to judgment reported the wrong rifle that had been used; it was not an AR 15 but rather a Sig Sauer mcx carbine.

Years ago, when the world was more isolated, decisions could be made in one country without dramatically affecting what happened in another, but those days are forever gone. The government leaders, judges and politicians need to think carefully about what they say, and study what the potential consequences of their actions might be. One last question for the five Supreme Court justices: how many more gay and LGBT people have to die before you start to question your decision?

Dan Perkins is a current events commentator that writes for, the, and Mr. Perkins is the author of the trilogy one radical Islamic nuclear terrorism against the United States called, The Brotherhood of the Red Nile. He can be heard on Tuesday evenings at 8 pm eastern, on w4cy

photo credit: DSC_0031 via photopin (license);Jordan Uhl

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