DEAR AMERICA: Bill ‘I Didn’t Have SEX’ With Monica, NOW Says He Didn’t Discuss #EmailGate With Loretta

Published on July 1, 2016

Do you believe for one second that Bill Clinton didn’t know exactly what he was doing when he met with AG Loretta Lynch? Or do you think that their meeting had nothing to do with Hillary’s Benghazi scandal?

Democrats and Republicans alike condemned former president Bill Clinton’s private meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch earlier this week. With Bill’s wife Hillary under federal investigation for her illegal private e-mail use and Lynch heading the Justice Department that is investigating her, this move smacks of collusion and impropriety. But this is Bill Freakin’ Clinton that we are talking about and this was a very calculated move on his part to save Hillary’s presidential hopes.

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton used a private e-mail server against State Department rules and discussed top-secret information, which was against the law. The evidence is overwhelming. The FBI has been conducting an investigation into this illegal and treasonous activity and will reportedly recommend prosecution in the next couple of weeks to AG Lynch.

As you know, Hillary is the democratic presidential nominee, so a federal indictment would almost certainly end her chances for winning the White House.

Fear not, Hillary’s husband Bill swooped in to save the day. Earlier this week he was on a private runway at the Phoenix airport. He knew Loretta Lynch was flying in so he delayed his own flight and waited for her on the tarmac. When Lynch’s plane landed, Bill stormed his way in uninvited and had a 30-minute or so private conversation with the woman who holds Hillary’s legal future in her hands.

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