DESPICABLE: This Pics Says A LOT About Hillary’s ZOMBIES

Published on July 18, 2016

This despicable picture shows you exactly how Hillary’s zombies feel about America.

If you love America, are you going to be voting for Hillary Clinton? Or do you want a President who will be a real leader?


Here is how Hillary’s campaign really feels about the American flag:

Rush Limbaugh believes that those protesting Trump are not really anti-Trump, they are anti-American. Check this out:

“Many of these people are anti-America. They have signs saying, ‘Make California Mexico again.’ They’re bought and paid for by Democrat donors like George Soros,” Limbaugh said. “Remember the first such riot, it was in Chicago and Trump canceled an appearance in advance when word leaked out that there was going to be trouble, so Trump canceled it.”

Desecration of the U.S. flag is something we’re used to seeing in terrorist strongholds, but not in Missouri. Outraged, the Vet stood his ground and gave them a good dose of common sense: “How about the people who f*cking died so you’d have the right to be out here doing this?”

Their response? “We died, too!” “We’re dying, too!”

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