WOW: Here’s The LAST Facebook Post Of Black Officer SLAUGHTERED By Black Muslim

Published on July 18, 2016

This is both heartbreaking and chilling. The final Facebook post of a black officer who was killed in the line of the duty in Baton Rouge may bring you to tears. Read it below:

Montrell Jackson, 32 – He had served on the Baton Rouge police force for 10 years, and had a 4-month-old son.   A screenshot of what is reported to be Jackson’s final Facebook post on July 8 is shared below.  Jackson said, “I swear to God I love this city but I wonder if this city loves me.  In uniform I get nasty hateful looks and out of uniform some consider me a threat.  I’ve experienced so much in my short life and these last 3 days have tested me to the core.” (Source)

Nine days later, Jackson would give his life protecting his city.

Here was his last Facebook post before being gunned down:


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