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What Comes Next from the DOD In the ‘Transgender’ Delusion?

No one should be surprised with the Obama Department of Defense implementing its War on Reality policy. In fact, if you’ve followed my writings over the years, you’ll know that I forecast the DOD joining the “transgender” delusion. Here are details of what I predicted along with what to expect next.

The Washington Times reported on the letter I wrote to the House Armed Services Committee in 2011 while I was still in the Army Reserve. I advised the HASC not to legalize deviants in the armed forces. The HASC, of course, ignored me.

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I knew the 2011 attack wouldn’t be the end. It never is with the autotheists who rule the U.S. And I wrote a lot between then and now, noting how their sexual deviancy agenda is a security threat to the DOD, the nation, and even the globe.

I even specifically forecast (in 2014) that the DOD would do what it just did.

Ending the ban on sodomites in the armed forces was supposed to solve an imaginary problem so that the armed forces could concentrate on fighting. But only the incredibly foolish believed any part of that.

Removing the legal ban on sodomites serving in the armed forces never was about “equality” or “rights”, but instead just another method for the left to tear down a once great American institution. Nor was it ever intended to be an end result. The left is evil and since evil can never be satisfied, that win was only the beginning of its demands.

Making it legal for so-called transgenders to serve openly in the armed services is one of the next ways the left intends to destroy American self-defense.

So my analysis and assessment was accurate. Therefore, what will the autotheists do next? Many things. But here are two major ones.

The autotheists in the DOD are undoubtedly searching for transgenders and other deviants in U.S. Special Operations Command (particularly in the Joint Special Operations Command). The DOD is also assuredly trying to award a deviant the Medal of Honor.

Autotheists are conducting these searches because they know that if they can find their active SOCOM troop or force a Medal of Honor on a deviant, they can then scream, “See! We can never go backwards now! If we do, we would be insulting and losing the greatest heroes of our nation!”

Such an argument is not a convincing one and is easily refuted. Being part of SOCOM or winning a Medal of Honor doesn’t mean your character no longer matters. But this is irrelevant in our age. The autotheists know that no one will repudiate them. They know that people will surrender again.

So these searches, and eventual finds, form one major thing that is happening and will happen next.

The second major thing is that the autotheists will move their current Cold War on Reality to a Hot War on Reality. In other words, they are now ready—unless someone stops them—to use physical violence and war to spread sodomy, transgenderism, and other deviancy throughout the U.S. and world.

I wrote about this in 2013. (The excerpted portion has links to sources in the original version. I do not include them here for the sake of simplicity.)

So am I suggesting that the U.S. and U.N. will wage a physical war to spread the same-sex agenda across the globe?

No. Or probably not, anyway.

After all, who would have thought that following the attacks on the United States by Islamic terrorists on September 11, 2001 the United States would have waged multiple wars to install officially Islamic theocracies in Afghanistan (where it also allowed the destruction of Christianity) and Iraq? Or who would have thought that the United States would have been fundamentally changed so much that legislators now can openly suggest removing children from parents who don’t want them engaging in same-sex sexual behavior? Or that public officials would be able to wish for Christians to “burn in hell” for supporting morality? Or who would have thought that a growing number of people in the United States are essentially declaring the same-sex agenda a religion of which everyone must worship or be destroyed? …

But again, in all seriousness, the U.S. and the U.N. would never use physical force to advance the same-sex agenda. Right?

Of course not . . . but then again . . . what is it that nations do to enemies of the human race? Why they kill them.

These are two of the major things the autotheists are working on next, but expect other things as well.

For instance, they are going to overwhelm you with influence and information operations. They will overwhelm you with the unsubstantiated accusation that “transgenders” actively seek out the armed forces in higher percentages. They will overwhelm you with the accusation that the more “macho” you are the more you want to be a woman. Heard of “toxic masculinity”? Be prepared to be bombarded with “hypermasculine,” “hyper-masculine”, and “hypermasculinity.”

(The reason for such focus on the armed forces is because the autotheists hate the U.S. and want to destroy its ability to defend itself. But there is a bigger reason for their focus on the DOD: they know that the armed forces used to be your institution, and their taking it over and turning it into a cesspool of shamefulness is a way of humiliating you.)

I correctly forecast that the autotheists would further degrade the DOD by implementing a policy of having transgenders in the armed forces. I fully expect my forecast of the DOD searching for a deviant SOCOM troop and deviant troop to whom it will award the Medal of Honor to prove accurate as well. And I expect the same accuracy for my forecast of the autotheists transforming their Cold War on Reality into a Hot one.

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Paul Hair

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