GO BACK TO SUCKISTAN: Muslim Gov’t Official Wants Booze BANNED On Airplanes

Published on July 29, 2016

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The last time air travel was ‘Sharia-compliant’ it changed the New York skyline. Now the UK’s Muslim Aviation Minister has weighed in on alcohol consumption.

…this is part of a pattern. The newly elected Muslim Mayor of London has moved to ban bikinis from transit advertisements. “Adverts which put Londoners under pressure over body image are to be banned from the Tube and bus network.” Now women have to cover up in Sadiq Khan’s London — on advertisements now, on the streets later. This isn’t about “body-shaming,” this is about sharia.

It’s all of a piece. Imposing Islam.

Now Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon says airplane passengers should be prevented from drinking before they board their flights.

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