Gun Grabbing Socialists Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste — Even if They Have to Create One

Do you see what I see when we look at mass murders while Obama was in office? I noticed a pattern of failure and political misdirection. Socialists never let a crisis go to waste… even if they have to create one.

The muslim who shot dozens of servicemen at the Fort Hood army base had been investigated by the FBI. There were repeated tips submitted to the FBI about the murderer’s behavior and about his radical statements. The FBI neither stopped the murderer nor stopped the murderer from bringing guns into a gun free zone. Only the victims were disarmed in that gun free zone. The Obama Administration called the murders “workplace violence”.

The muslims who bombed the Boston Marathon were investigated by the FBI. The FBI even received tips from foreign intelligence services about the muslim immigrants. The FBI didn’t stop the killers from building a bomb. The FBI didn’t stop them from getting guns either. We were told that the government would protect us.

The muslim couple who murdered their co-workers at the San Bernardino Christmas party last year had been investigated several times by the FBI. Again, the FBI didn’t stop them from building bombs. The FBI didn’t stop them from buying guns. The FBI didn’t stop them from bringing guns and bombs into a gun free zone where their victims were unarmed. After the attack, Socialists politicians called for more FBI background checks and to disarm civilians.

The muslim who recently murdered 50 people in an Orlando bar had been investigated several times by the FBI. Three separate civilian sources contacted the Feds to report the murderer’s suspicious behavior. The FBI didn’t stop the murderer from buying guns. The murderer brought guns into a gun free zone where only the victims were disarmed. The Socialist politicians and liberal pundits said the problem wasn’t with a few murdering muslims, but with one hundred million honest armed civilians. Socialists politicians again called for more FBI background checks. Socialists politicians called for a gun ban.

I noticed a pattern here. The FBI let muslim murderers slip through their fingers. Gun free zones disarmed innocent victims, but did not disarm violent criminals. Each mass murder was used as a political cause by the Socialists. They asked for more FBI background checks. They proposed that we disarm honest civilian gun owners who didn’t harm anyone.

This isn’t a new pattern. As soon as Obama took office, the Obama Administration sent 2000 semi-automatic rifles to Mexican drug lords. They wanted sensational headlines with innocent victims. They were willing to sacrifice our lives for their political profit. Maybe that is why, today, the FBI lets muslim suspects slip free. We know that the Obama Administration and their fellow Socialists will never let a crisis go to waste… even if they have to create one.

Don’t ask to disarm innocent civilians until the criminals and the politicians are disarmed.

photo credit: Welcome Mat via photopin (license)

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Rob Morse

About the author, Rob Morse: Rob Morse works and writes in Southwest Louisiana. He writes at Ammoland, at his Slowfacts blog, and here at Clash Daily. Rob co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast, and hosts the Self-Defense Gun Stories Podcast each week. View all articles by Rob Morse

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