Will Evangelicals’ Surrender to Trump Mean Election Day Will Lead to Judgment Day for America?

Written by Allan Erickson on July 3, 2016

About 900 evangelical leaders met with Donald Trump last week for six hours. Most of the most prominent emerged calling him the preferred candidate, the one chosen to save America. I keep thinking someone will pinch me, or throw a bucket of ice water in my face, that I’ll wake up and find it’s only a bad dream, not one turning into a nightmare.

Up front, let’s remember that evangelical leaders did not rally around the real evangelical a year ago. They did not support the actual statesman, the one with a very good shot at beating Clinton. They did not support the brilliant champion of:

>the Constitution
>free markets
>the common man
>serious opposition to Jihad
>enforcing immigration law
>moral clarity
>true conservatism
>defending religious liberty

Evangelicals did not assist in any substantial way the Real Deal with a real track record of effective, activist conservatism. No. Instead they quibbled about his popularity in the Senate, about his unwillingness to compromise, and his strict adherence to principle and integrity. (It brings to mind another unpopular figure, one who always spoke the truth and was unwilling to compromise: One likewise rejected.) You’d think we would know our own when we see them.

Today, evangelical leaders compromise, then try sprucing it up with makeup and rationalizations. They describe Trump in their meeting as gentle and charming, attentive and thoughtful, completely different from the bombastic, belligerent braggart we see in public. Well there’s a ringing endorsement! He is one man in private surrounded by evangelical leaders, and a completely different man before throngs of supporters. So, strike one on integrity.

Evangelicals have worked for decades in opposition to same-sex marriage and abortion, arguing these are destructive and harmful to everyone, invoking divine admonition of course, telling the truth about the negative impacts to individuals and society. (Low and behold, God says “No!” to certain things because they are harmful. Imagine that.)

Now, evangelical leaders urge believers to pray for and support Trump, even though most of his life he has been pro-abortion and pro-same sex marriage. He recently endorsed Obama’s notion of forcing women to accept cross dressers in their bathrooms and showers. Strike two on morality.

Many of the leaders who met with Trump report he said he will fight for religious liberty and for Israel. This convinced them he is the man for this season, ignoring the fact Trump said not long ago, when it comes to Israel, he is neutral! Neutral!? This qualifies a man for the presidency? His response to the question about religious liberty was a generalized statement about Christianity being under attack (what’s new?), a reply without specifics and without mention of the Constitution, reportedly. On the question of qualifications and leadership, strike three.

Therefore, in endorsing Trump and urging us to follow suit, stating clearly they are motivated in part because they are terrified of Hillary, evangelical leaders reject the Real Deal, and in a state of panic and fear, suggest we ignore Trump’s lack of integrity, his immorality, and the fact he is unqualified. Further, they hope we forget Mr. Trump slandered the Real Deal a dozen times in the primary, going so low as to attack the man’s wife and children. Add scoundrel to his list of accomplishments.

And by the way, averaging the top polling organizations for a year shows Hillary Clinton consistently in the lead, and when you look at the electoral college, forget about it.

Let’s see: forsake a Brother, support a Deceiver, ignore principles clearly stated in God’s Word, and encourage others to follow your lead, right into a ditch. (Oh. And by the way . . . if you don’t follow them, you are part of the problem.)

It is said judgment starts with the house of God. (1 Peter 4:17) Perhaps now we know why. Judgment will continue, no matter who is elected President in November.

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Allan Erickson
Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.