GUN LOVERS: Chief of Cleveland Police Union Wants Open Carry BANNED During The RNC … Do YOU Agree?

Published on July 18, 2016

The head of the Cleveland police union does not want any open carry at the Republican National Convention this week. Do you agree with him? Or do you think that responsible gun owners should be able to carry openly as they choose their nominee?

The head of the Cleveland police union on Sunday urged Ohio’s governor to declare a state of emergency and suspend state laws allowing people to openly carry firearms during the Republican National Convention.

His requested followed Sunday morning’s shooting of six police officers in Louisiana.

‘I don’t care what the legal precedent is, I feel strongly that leadership needs to stand up and defend these police officers,’ Loomis, the head of the police union, told Reuters in an interview at the union’s headquarters on Sunday.

Gov. Kasich, however, responded saying governors do not have the power to arbitrarily suspend federal and state constitutional rights or laws.

‘Ohio governors do not have the power to arbitrarily suspend federal and state constitutional rights or state laws as suggested,’ Kasich spokeswoman Emmalee Kalmbach said.

‘The bonds between our communities and police must be reset and rebuilt – as we’re doing in Ohio – so our communities and officers can both be safe.

‘Everyone has an important role to play in that renewal.’

On Sunday, an Ohio man was seen openly carrying a semi-automatic rifle and handgun in Cleveland.

Steve Thacker, 57, said he decided to visit the city’s Public Square armed with guns the day before the start of the convention to assert his Second Amendment rights.

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