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TRUMP VS. HILLARY: Why You Shouldn’t Give In to the Hysteria Vote

We have heard for some time the voice of doom. It is becoming shrill. It resonates from the throats of growing numbers of people, and it says, with frantic urgency: “Vote for Trump for if Clinton wins, it means the end of America, the end of liberty, the end of western civilization!”

It is the voice of the hysteria vote, telling us the sky is falling. It is backed up with false accusations and insults: “All who refuse voting Trump are traitors or liberals or communists or just plain stupid sellouts, and they want to see the country fail.” (Remember, fascism germinates where hysteria and thuggery shake hands.)

Remember the days when one was inspired to vote for a candidate because he offered real leadership and a useful platform containing real solutions? (Admittedly it was long ago, but some of us remember.)

Today we are urged to vote for the candidate that will supposedly do the least damage, calling that progress.

To be sure, a Clinton presidency will mean an Obama third term, and that indeed spells big trouble–gun control, porous borders, illegal immigration, higher crime rates, more economic decline, more loses in the war on terror, demoralization, encroachments on liberty, federal micromanagement, more erosion of the republic. It could spark the needed revolution. But utter ruin?

Americans have faced horrific circumstance many times, and prevailed. We have accomplished this by returning to the traditions and values that have always worked. After a period of frivolity, we sober up, and become practical. Perhaps this is happening again. We have strayed far from traditional values and the Constitution, the damage is obvious, and the party is over. Time to sober up.

Trump does not offer strong coffee and a cold shower. He suggests a top down power play, a massive arm twisting, a bull-in-the-china shop approach. Historically, that causes more of a mess, inviting tyranny of a different sort, pushing us to destruction from a different angle, dragging us further away from First Principles.

A Clinton despotism will keep the party rolling Left, and a lot of people will die or get hurt.

Politicians are not the answer. After all, they got us into this mess, because we let them. Ultimately, the cleanup is our responsibility. Are the Europeans going to confront Russian expansionism and Jihad? Don’t count on it. Are the multinational corporations going to save the economy? Don’t believe it. Will India and South Africa stop Chinese aggression? Can South Korea end the madness in the North? Will the Saudis and the Iranians achieve peace working with Israel in the Middle East? Without American involvement, the world rapidly descends into chaos, as we’ve seen. We the People are now called. We must take back our government. We must elect rational patriots and insist on common sense solutions.

Perhaps another four years of Obama/Clinton is the only way for us to reach our bottom, the only way for stubborn people to hit the wall hard enough to wake up and change course, working to restore this, the last great hope for humanity.

So, no, hysteria voters, Trump is not our only choice and resisting him is not a vote for Clinton, and total annihilation is not the only outcome possible. Instead, it is time for some hard-knuckle insistence upon principles, a time for ignoring the politicians, a time for taking matters into our own hands. It’s up to us. It’s our duty.

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Allan Erickson

Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.