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How Directing Some of Your Giving Into America Might Make a BIG Difference

This is one reason why we need to keep American money in America, or how to say “No” to Televangelists. Ok, flat-out our personal financial giving funds need to stay in America, or let me put it another way, look at how future givers and tithers are being eliminated in America.

As a housewife, I had plenty of time to watch Televangelists and pastors who for decades were/are asking, begging and cattle prodding us their devoted listeners for monies to build and to continuously fund Christian schools in foreign, third-world Banana Republics around the globe. In areas I never heard of, while my children attended public schools. Well, I have a problem with that! Why didn’t these askers ask for money to put into the AMERICAN child’s education? That would have been an investment, guaranteeing givers for these money-hounds’ future.

We should be keeping our money here in order to give a free Christian education to American children, which seems to be the only way to put a drop in the bucket to out-influence the public education system and its God-hating dogma. With now three grown kids, who were mostly homeschooled, only briefly did two of my children have the luxury to attend (in different years) Private Christian School, which proved a financial burden…and ended quickly. They all graduated from public schools.

America is the most generous country on the face of this world, but with the Televangelists our money is not to our own, but to other nations. Of course we should help feed and aid with medical attention, I’m not picking a bone about that, I have given money to build water wells, too. And don’t give me that “teach a man to fish” — these nations are still sucking American monies decades later. But we, as a nation, have poured out mega millions to educate the overseas child, but not our own. Our own Christian children for the most part head into God-hating public indoctrination centers known as the public school system, (due to the fact that parents cannot afford it) producing in most cases not a mini-me but a mini-them, God-hating, dope-smoking, baby mama and dada products who were once known as our church-loving children.

The irony of this whole story is that these Televangelists have killed off their future income (and I’m glad, serves them right.) Being raised in the public schools, for the most part America’s kids don’t give, mostly because they don’t attend church. Hey, TV panhandlers, good luck in getting huge tithes and offerings from your dirt-squalid, third world peeps that you’ve pumped OUR millions into. You, Christian money-grubbers, should have infested in the American kids’ education. Now, I’m not saying we don’t give to help starving-to-death people and medical attention; that’s a biblical principal. But obviously we have given so much to these preachers that they are building cinder block school campuses with nice sidewalks from the ground up and putting all these kids in brand-spanking-new uniforms, I mean, WTH?

So where has this thinking got me? Well, outside of having a desire to build neighborhoods, yes neighborhoods not just a house for our combat veterans. And safe homes for ex-Muslims trying to escape their families’ tradition of honor-killing. It also occurred to me, why not ask God for a supernatural supply of multi-millions in order to establish tuition-free Christian schools, K-6 or K-12 around Texas and the nation (I’m still waiting.) And no, I know nothing of the process of getting my heart’s desire from start to finish, but I do know an above-and-beyond, anything-I-can-ask-think-or-imagine God.

photo credit: “Randy’s Money via photopin (license); Jake Slagle

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++++Allen is an old-enough-to-know-better, concerned American. Lover of God and Country, wife and mother of three grown twenty-something babies. Crusading the fight against "real" social injustice issues, and liberal idiots, anywhere I find it, and them. She's written a book available on The Underbelly of a Mega Church Image: Joan of Arc; Courtesy of: Archivo:Portrait_jeanne_d%27arc.jpg