Here Are Real Ideas That Make America Safer — But Require You to FIGHT Back

Written by Rob Morse on July 18, 2016

The mass murder at a LGBT nightclub was an atrocity. President Obama said the death toll would have been worse if the people in the nightclub were armed for their own defense. When asked about the Orlando mass murder, Hillary Clinton rejected armed self-defense and continued her call to disarm civilians. Why would ordinary citizens believe the outrageous claim that victims are safer when they are disarmed? Some people think honest American civilians should be disarmed because they can’t imagine anything else. Let me show you another way. Let’s see how we can defeat these vicious armed murderers here in the US.

You and I cannot respond to a violent attack in ways we have not imagined. An armed attack is not like a child’s game of tag on the playground… only louder and bloodier. We won’t invent a defense in the moment we’re faced with a life or death violent encounter. We can’t. It is too late by the time we are hiding in the bathroom and clutching our cell phone as we hear people dying next to us. Then it is too late, but we can change that today.

A world-class firearms trainer reminded me of this again today. He said, “You have no time to think. Your body can’t go where you mind has not gone before.” That means we won’t defend ourselves if we’ve never imagined doing so.

My friend’s statement about imagination is a political truth as well as a physical one. Most US civilians can’t imagine defending themselves. They don’t carry a gun every day. These un-armed Americans can’t imagine someone who carries. These un-armed Americans don’t see themselves stopping a violent attack. Un-armed Americans naturally assume everyone is as helpless as they are. I can’t blame them; they don’t know what they don’t know. It is time un-armed Americans heard the truth.

We walk past armed Americans every day. Over 13 million US civilians are licensed to discretely carry a firearm in public. Un-armed Americans ignore the thousands of examples of armed self-defense that happen every day. Un-armed Americans can’t imagine fighting back… and winning. No one trained their hands… or their minds… for self-defense. For all the talk about the virtues of diversity, Socialist politicians shout down anyone who mentions fighting back. Armed Americans know something they don’t.

Armed Americans are different in profound ways. They know violence exists. They studied how we are attacked and how we might respond. Armed Americans considered how they would respond to violence if they were with family, with friends, or alone. Armed Americans imagined an attack happening in places they frequently go. They visualized how they would escape or stop the threat until law enforcement arrived. Armed Americans reached answers that are shockingly different from the average un-armed citizen. Armed Americans know murderers can be stopped.

Barack and Hillary are talking to their un-armed base of support when they advocate being disarmed and helpless. It is an easy sell. The Socialist political base prefers to be dependent on government. Self-defense is simply another example of socialist citizens letting the government take care of their personal problems. At best, the government responds in hours when the citizen needs help in seconds.

Orlando is a perfect example of how the government protects un-armed minorities. Socialist politicians said we would be safer if the victims were disarmed. Socialist politicians said the same thing after Muslim terrorists murdered Christians in a gun-free school in San Bernardino. Socialist politicians again supported disarmament after a Muslim terrorist murdered people in a gay nightclub in Orlando. Socialists politicians always say that more state control is the answer… even though that answer never makes civilians safer. State control works for politicians, but not for citizens.

Armed Americans know what works. Armed Americans stop violent criminal attacks over three thousand times every day. Terrorists suffer bullet wounds like any other violent criminal. Armed Americans know that. Socialists politicians demand we surrender our safety to an all-powerful government. In contrast, armed Americans have seen where that political ignorance leads, where that political surrender leads. Armed America doesn’t like it.

We are watching a political struggle over the issue of disarming honest civilians. There are few commonly held beliefs between the two sides and the level of ignorance is staggering. We can summarize the debate in these few words.

The body cannot go where the mind hasn’t been before. Terrorists are as easy to kill as anyone else. Socialists pretend it isn’t so. Armed America knows it’s true.

Now you know too. Learn what you can do. America doesn’t need to be afraid any longer.

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